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PostGIS 3.0.1 Released

Feb 20, 2020

SMART Update

Dec 10, 2018

20 Year Anniversary!

Sept 1, 2017

GEOS 3.0.0 Released

Refractions Research is pleased to announce the release of the 3.0.0 version of the Geometry Engine, Open Source (GEOS). The GEOS library is used in numerous software packages, including AutoDesk's MapGuide Enterprise, Safe Software's FME, and the PostGIS spatial database.

With the 3.0.0 release, GEOS is moving into incubation with the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, to become an official project of the foundation. Refractions will continue to take a lead role in the development and maintenance of GEOS, but will work as part of a formal “Project Steering Committee” that sets the direction and priorities of the project.