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Feb 20, 2020

SMART Update

Dec 10, 2018

20 Year Anniversary!

Sept 1, 2017

Refractions Completes Validating Web Feature Server

Refractions Research has completed the Validating Web Feature Server Project, funded by the Canadian GeoInnovations research and development program.

The Validating Web Feature Server (VWFS) adds a layer of data quality control and manipulation to standard spatial data infrastructures. The project added validation support to the open source GeoServer Web Feature Server, and numerous other enhancements, including a web based configuration manager, support for more spatial databases (ArcSDE, OracleSpatial) and a strong locking mechanism to protect data integrity.

The VWFS project was partially funded by GeoConnections. Refractions provides commercial support for GeoServer installations, and development services for organizations that want to add validation and data integrity to their spatial data infrastructures.